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EEE Laboratories

SNo Lab Name Equipments
1. Engineering Practices Laboratory 1.Megger

2.Energy meter

3.Lamp Load




7.Stop Watch

2. Electrical Circuits Lab 1.Regulated power supply

2.Single Phase Energy meter

3.Digital storage Oscilloscope 100MHZ

4.Circuit simulation software

5.AC & DC Voltmeter

6.Decade resistance, Inductance, Capacitance box

7.Functional Generator 1 MHZ

3. Electrical Machines- I Laboratory 1. 16Way AC Distribution Panel board

2. 16 way DC distribution panel board with

3. 3 Phase DC Rectifier

4. Shunt Motor # Shunt Generator

5. Shunt Motor # Compound Motor

6. Dc Series Motor (220V,5 hp,1500 rpm,20A)

7. .Shunt Motor # Series Generator

4. Electrical Machines-II Laboratory 1. 5 HP synchronous Motor

2. 5 HP Alternator # Shunt Motor

3. 3 HP Synchronous motor # DC Motor

4.  DC Shunt motor coupled with 3phase slip Ring Induction Motor

5. 5 HP three phase Squirrel cage  Induction Motor

6.Three phase Inductive load 15 Amps

7. Three Phase capacitive load 10Amps

5. Control System 1. Mathcad software

2. Ac Servomotor

3. Auto transformer

4.Riggied up mode type-0 type-1 system

5.Stepper motor 8085 kit

6.Function generator 3MHZ

7. Dc Motor with Control Unit,

8. 0.5 HP DC generator

9.MAT Lab Software


6. Measurement And
1.Lvdt Trainer Kit

2.Bourdon Pressure Gauge Transducer Kit

3.Maxwell Inductance Capacitance Bridge

4. Schering Bridge Kit With Unknown Capacitance

5. Wheatstone Bridge With Unknown Resistance

6. Kelvin Double Bridge With Unknown Resistance

7.Regulated Dual Power Supply(0-30v,2a)

8. CRO 20MHZ Dual

7. Power Electronics Laboratory 1.DC – DC Buck boost Converter

2. Single phase H & F Controlled Bridge Converter

3.Single Phase PWM inverter control module

3. Chopper circuit Module

4.  Series Resonant Dc- Dc converter

5.Single phase Inductive Load

6.Isolation Transformer

7. IGBT based High switching frequency chopper module

8. LCR Meter


8. Power System Simulation Laboratory 1. Personal computers

2. Printer laser

3.dot matrix printer


5. Software: MI power