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Civil Laboratories

SNo Lab Name Equipments
1 Strength of Materials Laboratory Torsion testing machine, Utm , Izod impact testing machine, Hardness testing machine, Beam deflection test apparatus, Extensometer, Compressometer, Dial gauges, Le Chatelier‟s apparatus, Vicat‟s apparatus

, Mortar cube moulds

2 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory Venturimeter, Orifice meter, Pitot tube assembly, U tube manometer  , Centrifugal pump , Impulse turbine , Francis turbine, Kaplan turbine , Reciprocating pump , Deep well pump
3 Survey Practical I &II Laboratory total station, theodolites, dumpy level, plane table, pocket stereoscope, ranging rods, leveling staff, cross staff, chains, tapes, arrows, prismatic compass, surveyor  compass, Hand held GPS
4 Soil Mechanics Laboratory Sieves, Hydrometer ,Liquid and plastic limit apparatus, Shrinkage limit apparatus, Proctor compaction apparatus, UTM ,Direct shear apparatus, Thermometer, Field density measuring device, Triaxial shear apparatus, Three gang consolidation test device
5 Environmental Engineering Laboratory


Oxygen analyzer,

Spectrophotometer,Ion selective electrode,

Sodium Potassium Analyzer , Flame Photometer,

Gas Chromatography,

Atomic absorption spectroscopy (Ni, Zn, Pb),

Nephlo – turbidity meter,

BOD Analyser,

COD Analyser,

Jar Test Apparatus

6 Concrete And Highway Engineering Laboratory Concrete cube moulds,

Concrete cylinder moulds,

Concrete Prism moulds,


Concrete Mixer,

Slump cone,

Flow table,


Trovels and planers,


Vee Bee Consistometer,

Aggregate impact testing machine,

CBR Apparatus,

Blains Apparatus,

Los – Angeles abrasion testing machine,

Marshall Stability Apparatus.

7 Computer Aided Design And Drafting Laboratory Models of Structures, Computers Pentium IV, Analysis and Design Software