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Anti-ragging Committee

Vel Tech Engineering College has constituted a committee headed by the Principal Dr. Nagalingeshwara Raju on means of prevention of ragging.  A Ragging Prevention Committee is formed every year under the Chairmanship of the Principal. This committee is active since 2009. The principal of Vel Tech Institution, contact number has printed on the backside of the students ID for complaints. A separate committee of senior students is formed each year to assist the Ragging Prevention Committee. They act as the eyes and ears of the faculty committee. Besides, they are also involved in educating their colleagues. They are also assisted by senior student volunteers from amongst their own colleagues. Every teacher and staff member is obliged to do this duty. Senior faculty, Warden Keep on joining this team periodically. Separate meetings of senior faculty with first year and second year students are held in the very beginning of the session and then periodically to sensitize them against ragging. Punishment to be meted out to culprits is well publicized through posters both inside and outside as well as surveillance camera has been fixed around the neighborhood of the campus. Students, mentor bodies are formed wherein a group of seniors, who can motivate and inspire the fresher, is entrusted with the task of guiding and helping them. Formal interaction among first year and second year students in the presence of institute authorities is arranged. Literary and cultural activities with the joint participation of seniors and juniors, and boys and girls are held periodically in the guidance of faculty.

Prohibited Conducts

Possession of smoking materials and smoking possessions and use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, playing cards and any other gambling are all strictly prohibited inside the campus and hostels. Possession and use of camera phones and viewing of prohibited pornographic materials of any nature is also forbidden. Any violation of rules will entail very serious disciplinary action including expulsion from hostel and dismissal from college.

The following measures has been taken in our college to avoid Ragging

  1. Anti Ragging committee members, Hostel warden and police station phone numbers are printed on the board and displayed on each floor.
  2. Anti Ragging board has been fixed in the Hostels.
  3. Anti Ragging chairman phone number is printed on the back side of the students’ ID card.
  4. Separate Anti Ragging Squad team has been formed to monitor the students during break time, Lunch time and after college closure hour’s bus stop and railway station.
  5. Separate block has been allotted for first year students; thereby interaction of junior students with senior students is avoided.
  6. Different timings are followed for first year students during Tea break and lunch time.
  7. Surveillance camera has been fixed on students’ main Gate entrance.

In case of any incident of ragging the following officials of the College may be contacted:


Name of the Committee Member Profession Mobile Number e-mail address
Mr.Thangasivan Advocate 9444054777 emailto@veltechengg.com
Dr.B.Nagalingeswara Raju PRINCIPAL 9789037012 principal@veltechengg.com
T.E.Nithyashree Sr.Student 9962692582 emailto@veltechengg.com
S.Rajesh Sr.Student 9952069928 emailto@veltechengg.com
T.Karthikeyan Jr.Student 8695585006 emailto@veltechengg.com
S.Umamaheswari Jr.Student 8122193049 emailto@veltechengg.com
Dr.Sumathi Muniamuthu Associate Professor 9840579378 sumathymuniamuthu@veltechengg.com
Mr.S.Baskar Asst.Professsor 9003220780 baskar@veltechengg.com
Mr.M.Kathikeyan Asst.Professor 9952052439 mkarthikeyan@veltechengg.com
Mr.M.sheriff Asst.Professor 9944226039 sheriff@veltechengg.com