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Other Events

S.NoDateDeptEvent Details    Gallery
108.12.2018S&HEngineering GraphicsView Gallery
130.11.2018VEL TECHFire Safety & Disaster ManagementView Gallery
129.11.2018VEL TECHOpen House & Technical ExhibitionView Gallery
231.10.2018VEL TECHNational Unity Day( Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel) on his birth anniversaryView Gallery
317.10.2018VEL TECHPooja celebrationsView Gallery
414.10.2018VEL TECH5th Graduation DayView Gallery
504.10.2018VEL TECHMOU Signing between Vel Tech and ISIE eventView Gallery
617.09.2018VEL TECHInteractive Session with Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers ( ISIE ) on skill development for Mech and EEE studentsView Gallery
707.09.2018VEL TECHTeachers dayView Gallery
807.09.2018NCCFelicitation Cermony Of XXVIII All India G V Mavalankar Shooting ChampionshipView Gallery
903.09.2018VEL TECHInductuion DayView Gallery
1018.07.2018VEL TECHTwitter Video Product San Francisco Bay Area, USA for an Interactive session with students on "REFLECTIONS FROM THE SILICON VALLEY-INSIGHTS ON STANFORD, STARTUPS AND SCALING" View Gallery
1121.05.2018INSTITUTIONInternational Day of YogaView Gallery
1220.03.2018INSTITUTIONSPORTS EventView Gallery
1310.03.2018CIVIL & MECH7th National ConferenceView Gallery
1403.03.2018EEE & ECE7th National ConferenceView Gallery
1502.03.2018S&HBEC ExamView Gallery
1618.02.2018INSTITUTIONAlumni Meet '18View Gallery
1725.01.2018HECGate Awareness ProgrammeView Gallery
1823.01.2018YRCOrgan Donation AwarenessView Gallery
1921.12.2017INSTITUTIONChristmas celebrationView Gallery
2011.11.2017INSTITUTIONParent Teacher's Meeting(Ist Year)View Gallery
2116.09.2017INSTITUTION4th Graduation DayView Gallery
2231.08.2017INSTITUTION1st Year Inauguration DayView Gallery
2320.07.2017HECHigher Studies in abroadView Gallery
2406.07.2017INSTITUTIONLegal Metrology ActView Gallery
2521.06.2017PHYSICAL EDUCATIONInternational Day of YogaView Gallery
2614.06.2017 - 23.06.2017NCC1 TN Battalion cum RDC CampView Gallery
2701.06.2016 - 10.06.2017NCCCATC cum TSC Selection Training CampView Gallery
2821.05.2017 - 30.05.2017NCC1GC State Level Shooting campView Gallery
2924.03.2017YRC & NSSTree PlantationView Gallery
3008.03.2017WECWEC Inauguration FunctionView Gallery
3101.03.2017YRCYRC Inauguration FunctionView Gallery
3222.02.2017INSTITUTIONFathers Day Celebration 2017View Gallery
3319.02.2017INSTITUTIONAlumni Meet '17View Gallery
3403.02.2017INSTITUTIONMothers day Celebration 2017View Gallery
3526.01.2017INSTITUTIONRepublic Day Celebration ' 17View Gallery
3613.01.2017INSTITUTIONPongal Celebration ' 17View Gallery
3721.12.2016INSTITUTIONChristmas Celebration ' 16View Gallery
3824.12.2016INSTITUTIONPradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) - ProgramView Gallery
3906.10.2016INSTITUTIONNavarathiri CelebrationsView Gallery
4002.10.2016NCCVel Tech 8th NCC Alumni MeetView Gallery
4106.09.2016INSTITUTIONVinayaka Chathurthi & Teachers Day CelebrationsView Gallery
4307.08.2016INSTITUTIONInauguration of First Year B.E/B.Tech ClassesView Gallery
4404.04.2016ALL DEPTKainotomia'16View Gallery
4526.02.2016VEL TECH3rd Graduation DayView Gallery
4625.02.2016ALL DEPTMothers day Celebration 2016View Gallery
4725.02.2016ALL DEPTFathers Day Celebration 2016View Gallery
4813.01.2016ALL DEPTPongal Celebration 2016View Gallery